Friday, October 30, 2009

"Let The Music Play" - Shirt Design

The piece above is the second shirt design that I've completed and I must say that this experience has been nothing but fun. I've tried to switch gears a bit and focus in on objects. With this piece specifically, I experimented with emotional tone and tried conveying the texture of music and sound as I myself visualize it. I'm really excited to see what's next for this collection.

-Stay Creative


Collie MIlls said...

I'm jealous man you are pushin these out fast. and they look awesome. you should put them on your website. :)

Gloria Jean said...

OOOh looks like pizza

Jason Irizarry said...

Thanks Collie! I figured once I got back to philly I would put all my focus into a new portfolio. I've been looking for someone to help me completely redesign the site before putting all the new stuff on it.

Gloria that was my biggest concern, that it looked like a pizza. Leave it to the fat greedy kid to make a vinyl record look like something to eat. LOL