Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Female Intuition" - Personal Piece

One of my biggest inspirations for my work would have to be culture. I would love to travel the world and soak in every inch of it that I could find, but since I don't have that ability I'll stick to incorporating it into my art. The piece above is actually one of a set of two. I've been really interested in body modification and it's visual impact for quite so time now. This piece not only is a representation of the artistry of tattooing, but the comfort and pride many hold towards this ever growing culture. I myself don't have any tattoos, but I do have such an admiration for this art form.

I also have great news! Last Friday I attended Lady Gaga's Fame Ball tour at the Electric Factory and not only did she give us an amazing show, but I was given the chance to give her the sketch I posted on this blog not to long ago. She thanked me by giving me a kiss and telling me that she loved me. Needless to say this night meant the world to me because I witnessed first hand the difference art makes in our lives. Thanks again to Ms. Gaga, may you remain the living legend that you are.

-Stay Creative

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