Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lady Gaga & Young Lloyd Art Swap with Nazahah Yasin

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite some time since my last update but I've been pretty busy lately. Since the computer labs at UArts were closed for the winter break, I decided to put down my micron pen and work on some sketching. I was so wrapped up in getting pieces completed for my professional portfolio that I didn't pay much attention to my pencils. I figured for my own artistic benefit I would only sketch during the holidays.

Last Sunday my good friend Nazahah Yasin and I decided to do an art swap. Being as though she is in love with Young Lloyd and Lady Gaga is the queen of my heart, we decided to exchange portraits of our celebrity obsessions. The only rule was that we each had to make sure our half of the swap would be in a mailbox and our it's journey by Wednesday (yesterday). Earlier today I felt someone at my front door and sure enough there was an orange envelope waiting for me. Before my fingers were able to open it I already knew that I was gonna adore what was inside. I pulled out the hidden treasure and my eyes were welcomed by an amazing portrait of the Fame Monster herself! The sketch is everything I was hoping for and more. I can only hope she will love my sketch as much as I love hers. Below are both pieces of our art swap.

Lady Gaga Sketch by Nazahah Yasin
Make sure to check out her art blog here!

Young Lloyd Sketch by me

I would advise every artist to do an art swap at least once. It's was such a great experience. We should all celebrate our artistic expression with one another. If anyone is interested in doing an art swap please feel free to contact me.

-Stay Creative


GloriaJean said...

Thats crazy sexy jason

Jason Irizarry said...

your crazy sexy gloria

Amirah said...

Both drawings look great! I'd be up for doing an art swap with you, Jason, sounds neat. :)

Jason Irizarry said...

Thanks Amirah! Definitely let me know because I would love to.